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“Something Good” in Ishikawa To the World.

It was in 2007 that I became president and succeeded the lacquerware business which was established by my grandfather. By that time in Yamanaka Lacquerware Products Area, the number of our craftsmen had decreased because of a change of Japanese life styles, declining birthrate, and aging. I had decided to cheer up this area when I became president of my company. We had manufactured our products based on the Japanese life style. However it was difficult for them to accept our original products. Therefore, we tried to manufacture i-phone cases or ball-point pens as a new project so that they could work on both current and foreign life styles. They are all hand-made products, so we cannot produce them in large quantities. For instance, it takes about a month to produce an i-phone case. Eventually our high quality hand-made products received a good evaluation: that our products were precise and beautiful. Our customers buy many i-phone cases for extra uses as well as dozens of pens at a time. Our strongest point which our company has created for fifty years, since 1946, is a long business experience that our company worked hard to fit our production to our customers requests for “something good”. Ishikawa Prefecture where Yamanaka Lacquerware Products Area is located is a valuable center of local industries such as Kutani chinaware or the Kanazawa gold leaf. Foreign people are always surprised to see those fine products. Our company and our business subcontractors are pleased to meet our customers’ demands of their wanting to sell high quality production in their counties. Having done our exhibition and sale in foreign countries, we heard that our local people like craftsmen and business friends are more confident in manufacturing lacquerware products. We all, including Yamanaka Lacquerware Area, will try harder to listen to our customers’ requests and produce “Something good” in Ishikawa.

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